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Werkout In Track Pants And Heels

Women's Plus Size Track Pant - Who What Wear
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I’ve been toying with the idea of the track pants and heels look. Then the other  I read Plus Size Model Magazine’s latest article “OUR LATEST STYLE OBSESSION… TRACK PANTS GONE CHIC” written by Marcy Cruz. I knew that was my sign to try it out. I actually like the look on me. Paired the […] Read more…

Glittery Sequin With A Splash Of Color

ASOS CURVE Mesh Scatter Sequin Mini Dress
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Bright, colorful splashes and glittery sequins emerged as the most exciting trends to hit the catwalks this spring, and if you want to create an on-point festive statement, you absolutely must stock them up in great abundance. Designers embroiled in a heavy-handed affair with sequins, and these glittery trinkets have the ability to amplify both, […] Read more…

Show Out At The Festival With An Embellished Kimono

Embellished Kimono
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Online fashion stores have brought a wide range of fashion trends for their customers. As Seen On Screen (ASOS) has grown up as an online fashion label store with millions of followers all over the world. British fashion industry comes up with modern trends and style statement each year and acts as the viewer’s style […] Read more…

Feeling Like A Bad Ass In Fishnets

plus size black ring neck rib t-shirt dress
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I think we all have noticed the emergence of the trend of wearing fishnets with heels. So, how do we feel about this trend? Personally, I’m feeling it. I think it adds edge to your outfit. Since fishnet socks are having a huge comeback right now, it’s easier to purchase them. Back in the day when you […] Read more…


Simply Be Sleeveless Jacket
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I accidently looked cute at work today. I forgot to put my clothes out last night and work up late this morning for work. I grabbed a pair of black tights and a black bow top and was about to rush out. Sleeveless Jacket  Then I remembered I had a vest. The Simply Be Sleeveless Jacket ($55 […] Read more…

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