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Style Expedition: Spring Floral

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I have a confession. I’m so not a floral person. I usually only rock it for Easter. For some strange reason I’ve been feeling floral on floral print. It felt so good outside I feel like spring floral is appropriate.  Now I didn’t want to bombard you with a floral sweat outfit lol. So I […] Read more…

Style Expedition: Monochrome Wiggle

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I told you a while back about PNK Elephant starting a plus section. I When I first saw this dress I know I had to have it. I love black and white print that is not like the norm. I usually don’t do stripes because I don’t like the referee look. I always look for pieces […] Read more…

Style Expedition: Cool Breeze Lace

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I wanted something other than a bodycon dress. I have so many oft hem I needed to switch it up. I went to Pop Up Plus and was so feeling their selection and prices. I didn’t even need to do expediting shipping I got my dress 2 days later. I feel in love with Youtheary […] Read more…

Style Expedition: Vintage Flow

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I’m just getting into vintage clothing. I was never big on it because I suck at thrifting. I have a cousin in FL Courtney, she loves vintage clothing. I haven’t been to FL in years but I when I do go I’m raiding her closet lol.  I noticed that she was tagging @iamkfs on Instagram. So […] Read more…

Style Expedition: Don’t You Step On My Blue Suede Shoes!

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Top: JCPenney a.n.a Pointelle Sweater  Pants: Ashley Stewart Average Signature Pants Shoes: Calvin Klein Royal Blue Suede ‘Scarlet’ Platform Pumps Well, you can knock me down, Step in my face, Slander my name All over the place. Do anything that you want to do, but uh-uh, Honey, lay off of my shoes Don’t you step on my Blue suede shoes. You can do anything but lay off […] Read more…

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