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Block Party!

block heels
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I prefer block heels over stilettos any day of the week. They made a major comeback and don’t look like they are going anywhere. Courtesy of the 70s comeback and 90s platform trend its on for the Spring and Summer. You have two choices to pick from: high block heels to low square ones. Some […] Read more…

Life is too short for boring shoes!

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Life is too short for boring shoes so if yours are boring dump them lol. For years, I had to go throughout the big feet struggle to find cute shoes. Always getting my hopes up for cute shoes in size 11 just to get to the store and see the largest size was size 10. […] Read more…

Rihanna is such a sell out

Rihanna x Puma
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You read it right. Rihanna is a sell-out and it’s a beautiful thing. Rihanna x Puma collaboration finally dropped the first piece today. Her new Puma Creeper pre-order sold out in 3 short hours. Not to brag but I’m one of the lucky ones!! Rihanna is an international powerhouse, so I’m not surprised at all […] Read more…

OneClique Shoe Separates

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Sandy Saccullo and Stefani Tsakos founded OneClique to make diversifying their shoe closets more affordable. The entire collection retails from $44-$54 while the revolutionary Clique Latch System allows wearers to securely fasten any of a wide selection of tops to a variety of heels, providing shoe-lovers with exciting yet practical stylistic transformations. Seamless in design, you […] Read more…

Steal vs. Splurge: Fringed Sandals

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Fringed sandals are all the rage right now. You can’t go anywhere without seeing a pair strutting around the city. Of course designer brands have turned out some stunning heels that are on trend. The problem with heels from Elysewalker Los Angeles and more is the high prices. Torrid is here to save the day. Everyone can’t afford $500+ shoes […] Read more…

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