How I Stopped Being a People Pleaser

12 January, 2018
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I’ve been a people pleaser of the worst kind for a long time in my life.I can’t actually pinpoint when it started. I used to try to make everyone else happy and dodge their displeasure at my own expense. By doing this, I created a standard where I placed my well-being in the hands of others for them to crumble up like a piece of paper thrown in the trash.

When a friend wanted someone to watch her kids after school, I was your girl. I was ripping and running on the highway in my brand new truck putting on mad miles. I was an unofficial travel agent. While I was always free to assist others, I regularly neglected myself.

I also was so naive. I thought that the more I come through to others, surely, the more they would give back to me. Right? Wrong AF! I allowed too many takers in my life. I ended up depleted, resentful, and empty. Lawd I got some stories. I’m a nice person but being too nice is what got me into the predicament.

I started to pick up passive aggressive behavior. I’m a Gemini so you know how we do.

The good thing is I’m not a people pleaser anymore. Some would say I’ve have gotten way too comfortable saying “No.” I do it without explanation.

Now my needs are numero uno.

  • Put my daughter before my job
  • I stopped saying yes to stuff I didn’t want to do.
  • Learned how to say no without guilt.
  • Spend more time to do what’s important for me.
  • More energy for my own health and healing.
  • Started yes to me.
  • Working towards my business goals.
  • Boost my productivity.

how I stopped being a People Pleaser

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