Sporty Spice

1 October, 2017
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A couple years ago Chasity of GarnerStyle and Rebdolls dropped a collaboration. I loved the collection. I was so mad because everything sold out not the first day and I was at work missing out. So I patiently kept checking Rebdolls for a restock and BAM there were items available in my size a couple weeks after the launch.
garnerstyle for rebdolls Sporty Spice

I was going to the movies with a friend and I wanted to be on my Sporty Spice ish. Just thin this came out in 2017 and I can still rock it and be on trend in 2017.

I put the GarnerStyle Blue Midi Skirt and GarnerStyle On Deck Top together with a pair of Navy Chuck Taylor All Star Classic. This look is cool for the summer!

 Sporty Spice

2 responses to “Sporty Spice”

  1. robin says:

    Love that outfit, especially with the Chucks.

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