Premme, Get The Money Dolla Dolla Bill Y’all

11 September, 2017
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Premme pear sweatshirtsPremme is a brand that has an unparalleled and exquisite vision in the fashion industry. It was conceived out of the desire to fulfill desired taste of plus-sized fashion lovers. This fashion brand was born nearly a decade ago by two fashion visionaries; Gabi Gregg and Nicolette Mason. They shared similar interest at delivering a top quality experience and affordable to female fashionistas. Their products are seen as mediums to mirror their stance on feminism.

PREMME pearl sweatshirts

Their specialty is mainly centered on plus-sized babes; ranging from 12-30. Premme has finally launched earlier this month. It’s shopping destination and priority is meant to empower women, giving them the freedom to dress according to their personal style without subjected to the limits of the society’s fashion rules.PREMME babes crop topIt was so hard to get items off the sites. Everyone was trying at once which kept shutting down the website. It was really cool to see so many of trying to catch the first wave. I was able to snag the Babe Crop Top and Pearl Sweat Shorts.


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