4 Cool Clutches for Style Statement

4 September, 2017
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The rule of style statement only for clothes and jewelry has almost faded, now handbags are the reflection of your personality. Customized handbags have taken the fashion market and trending on the social media. The more you order for customization, more you have to pay for it. First, we have seen the customized funky phone cases introduced by the celebrities, however, now purses can be customized even with your own picture. If you want to add a little spark in your entire personality, you can take a look at the handbags mentioned below.

1.   Tiezzo

Whether you hang or carry it with top handle, this surely makes people look twice to this exquisite piece of fashion accessory. Bring it on board and make a style statement by carrying smart FM radio boom box with you. To hit the trend on social media, carry this masterpiece with skinny and jackets. No matter how you style it, this bag can totally hang.

Tiezzo Aldo Boombox Clutch statement purse
2.   Custom Mixtape Clutch

Lightweight, Metal teeth, Canvas feel and made of 100% polyester is the eye catchy fashion accessory you’ll have in your style wardrobe. This is multi-purpose and you can use it for various purposes. It can really turn heads around for its quirky kind of feel. Custom Mixtape clutch has customized delicacy so that it doesn’t leave its worth and charm. The price of this funky fashion accessory is $50.

kashmir.viii custom mixtape clutchCasual Outfit

3.   Sequin mini bag

Moving from retro to formal hand clutches, this exquisite gold sequin mini bag adds a bling to your style wardrobes. This is a must have fashion accessory to complete your luxury formal look. Gold is neutral and you can carry it with every formal wear to compliment your fashion and style marks at the same.

little black dress

4.   Secretly Smashed Cross-body chain Bag

You can’t take this bag out of your sight, this season. If you are more comfortable in street style, then this secretly smashed cross body bag surely is the right piece to compliment your street style appearance. This glittery embellishment with a customized slogan has enough storage to keep your essentials within.

SKINNYDIP Secretly Smashed Cross-body chain Bag SKINNYDIP Secretly Smashed Cross-body chain Bag

statement purse




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