Casual Outfit Ideas for a Day Party

23 July, 2017
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Casual Outfit

Going to be a part of a casual party with your friends soon but you do not know how to dress up? A casual outfit can look stylishly cute at the same time. Here are a few interesting ways you can your casual clothing into something that would be fit for a day party and let us all just be honest about it, who attends a party wearing a plain and simple outfit? The outfit obviously needs to be super trendy and chic, so you can look dashing as ever.

1.    Crochet Top

So think of it as this way, you are at work and your friends call you up to meet for a lunch party. You will obviously go there right after work without stopping at home so you need to dress up accordingly for both, not too casual and not too formal. Wear a white crochet blouse, basically, the perfect outfit that would be casual and party appropriate, with a sexy bralette underneath it. Make a messy bun or leave your hair all open, carrying a dark and bold lipstick with very light and bronzed eye makeup.

Casual Outfit

2.    Denim

Denim looks great with white, and since the top you would go for is white, it would look perfect. It might be a bit simple to look at but if you accessorize and make a sleek ponytail, it would actually be a super appropriate attire for a casual party. Instead of going with the regular skinny jeans, you can also opt for shorts to give your outfit a more casual look.

plus size crotchet top

3.    Crisp Sneakers

Your friends told you that they would go shopping right after the lunch and walk around the streets giving a look at all the store in town. That would definitely require a lot of walking and you would want to wear casual and comfortable shoes. Opt for slip on sneakers that are easy to wear and are comfortable at the same time.


4.    Accessories

Now let us come to the last thing, which is the accessories. Keep your look sophisticated yet chic by adding a pair of studs and choker necklace to your outfit. Lastly, an outfit is incomplete without a bag be it just something as small as a wristlet. Since it is a day party you are opting for, carry a medium sized cross body of any neutral color.

kashmir.viii custom mixtape clutch

Photos By: C.E. Photography


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  1. Shainna says:

    oh hey now! love this look. And that bag is to die for.

  2. Jami Jaye says:

    Everything here is a favorite of mines. I definitely need this clutch in my life.

  3. Love love love this look. That’s purse is bi=omb!

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