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16 April, 2017
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For the last month or so I’ve been meal prepping with Finishing Touches Culinary based out of Tyson’s Corner Virginia. They make eating healthy easy because their food tastes good AF. I purchase ten meals a week and eat them for lunch and dinner. If you leave in the DMV check them out. They have a delivery service and awesome prices.

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Here at Finishing Touches Culinary our priority is to provide great quality food and customer service while also offering each individual patron a personalized experience. We specialize in several culinary based endeavors including Healthy Pre- Prepared Meals, Personal Chef services, Nutritional Plans & Consultations, Catering, Pop- Up events And Much More  !!! . ” Customer Satisfaction is our main focus ” -Executive Chef Daniel Burroughs

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Health In A Meal Plan

Have you been feeling sluggish? Tired and maybe, even overly fatigued? You might already know that the cause of all your physical problems might be related to your eating habits. Certainly, your busy life might contribute to those lifestyle decisions that you end up making, like eating out. Fortunately, there is a way around it. I dare call it the missing link to a fulfilled, healthy and productive lifestyle.

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What Is Meal Prepping?

Meal preparation is better known as meal prepping. Meal prepping basically involves setting up and designing your meals a week in advance.   It may sound simple, but it goes a long way of assuring you a healthy lifestyle. What one needs for meal planning are empty plastic containers to stash away the prepared meals. Every time you want to eat the prepared food, you will need to heat them up in the containers. So ensuring that the material of the containers is of good material and quality cannot be overemphasized.

For beginners, however, it is advisable to start with only a few days, like 3 days. Then, as time continues, build up slowly to a week. It is quite difficult to prepare an entire week’s worth of food, that is why starting slow will help beginners adjust. Let’s look at a few of the benefits of meal planning.

Gym Flow

Frequently going to the gym is not enough to stay in shape, eating healthy is also an important prerequisite. By planning your meals a week ahead, you manage to plan healthier meals.  Moreover, meal prepping allows you to control your food portion intake.

Once you have each type of meal set apart for breakfast, lunch,  and dinner, you will be less tempted to reach out for more portions. Reaching out for more portions will offset the entire meal plan.

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Save On Money

With our busy schedules, it’s tough getting home after hours and cook. It is simply unthinkable. So often most of us opt to eat out at fast food restaurants. However, although that option was easier and faster, it wasn’t exactly the best. Your body will pay for it, and your productivity at work will be affected in the long run.

Meal Planning allows you to have ready to eat food waiting for you in the refrigerator, after a long day.

Better Nutrition Equals More Energy

As previously mentioned, eating unhealthy meals slows down your physical productivity. Moreover, it will most likely lead to the development of lifestyle diseases such as blood pressure and diabetes.

Eating healthy, and taking that time off to grab a quick, healthy meal will boost your energy levels. This, in turn, will lead to better productivity at work and even at home.

Reduce Food Wastage

With every meal packaged away in portions, it is hard to waste food. Every container is usually labeled according to the type of meal. In other words, each meal is usually divided according to breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Even if you miss or skip a meal, you can have it as a snack later or have it during leftover days.

More importantly, having a meal plan gives you the advantage of walking into the grocery store knowing what you want yo buy. With this, you will also end up saving money.


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