From The Trap To The Treadmill – Workout Playlist To Rep Yo Set

13 March, 2017
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trap music gym playlist From The Trap To The Treadmill - Workout Playlist To Rep Yo Set

My little brother Leroy is always telling me to take a break from 90’s music and give the new generation of Hip-Hop a chance. It’s really hard for me because I’m so judgemental of new music trends. So I made a trap music gym playlist and let it rock while I was on the treadmill. Look I can’t front I was so caught up in the beats that I didn’t even sneak and look at the treadmill minutes. Usually, 10 minutes in I want to quit.  Yo, I was 50 mins in when my playlist was over. I probably Milly Rocked like 10 times while I was running.

Took some time and I added songs to the playlist for the people that like to live in the gym. It took a lot not to make it an all Waka Flocka Flame mix. He is my favorite trap artist and his music does get you hype. I played his new song “Was My Dawg” like four times. So I was fair and mixed it up lol.

Cannot relate to Future’s song “Mask Off” at all but that beat is banging. Played that one back to back too before I went to the next song. Defiantly need a beat to make me feel like I’m running fast AF when in reality I’m probably at my regular slow pace. With just starting to work out again my slow pace is better than no pace.

Let me know if this playlist made you rep your set. Get it set lol.

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trap music gym playlist

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