Nubian Skin – Nude Tights For Curvy Women of Color

25 October, 2016
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Matt 15 Denier Curve Tights CaramelNubian Skin Curve Hosiery

There is no denying there was a time where it was difficult getting my hands on the right hosiery. A couple of years back I lived in Winchester Virgina; there was not one freaking plus size store there. The mall was a waste because none of the major stores carried hosiery I could fit. It was irking when I had to order online. Nubian Skin Curve Hosiery

Matt 15 Denier Curve Tights CinnamonNubian Skin Curve Hosiery

Well now gone are the days that plus size physics had to roam around from one shop to the other in the search for a perfect dress that would look good on their bodies. No more ladies with thick thighs wearing ill-fitted stockings.

Matt 15 Denier Curve Tights BerryNubian Skin Curve Hosiery

While plus size and mainstream stores sell hosiery in all sizes, it’s not an “All Shades Fit One Deal.” I never buy nude stockings because of it always a beige color, and obviously, that will not work for me.

Matt 15 Denier Curve Tights Cafe Au LaitNubian Skin Curve Hosiery

Nubian Skin came into the Intimates game last year and had the internet buzzing. Frustrated by the lack of skin-tone choices to go with her ever-expanding wardrobe, Nubian Skin founder, Ade Hassan, decided it was time for “a different kind of nude”. The brand has expanded its range of hosiery to include plus sizes. It doesn’t matter your skin tone; you can easily get your hands on the best hosiery. Feedback from the customers is overwhelming. The fact that Nubian Skin keeps in mind what has been lacking in the “Intimates” department for years is what makes more consumers flock to the brand. Available in sizes XL to 3XL and use Lycra Xceptionell (stretch material). Purchase yours at Nubian Skin or Nordstrom.

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