Black & White Stripes

3 July, 2015
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I went to my local H&M to get my daughter some more summer clothes and I stilled to the plus size section just to take a look. I found the H&M+ Striped Dress on sale now for $10. I paid $15 for it so I’m not mad since the online price for the black & white striped dress is $34.95 It’s not on sale online so make sure to check your local store. That is a deal I couldn’t resist. I had to go up a size but I was cool with it.

Black & White Stripes

Makeup by: Nashla Perez

Instagram: @_perez

Photos by E.N. Howie 

Instagram: @enhowie

Twitter: @enhowie

Black & White Stripes

2 responses to “Black & White Stripes”

  1. Cami says:

    This dress is adorable!!!




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