Mini Home Office

1 July, 2015
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Mini Home Office

I moved earlier in the year and I promised my self that I would make a mini home office. My apartment in Virginia had two times the space I have in Maryland. The closer you live to Washington DC the smaller the units lol. In the end it all has worked out. Instead of commuting a hour to two hours for 30 miles each way. Now I live 15 minutes from work.

Mini Home Office

I wanted a home office for blogging purposes. Just a little area for me to get my creative juices flowing. I didn’t want to pay a lot of money or go all out since my office space is on the small side. I did a lot of late nights on Pinterest for inspiration. I wanted my pictures to come out like a pinterest spread but the lighting here sucks…. like real bad. I had to get extra lamps and it’s just a little better lol. My closet light is so bright so I put a mirror in there.

Mini Home Office 8

So now peep my cost break down. Now a FYI I didn’t buy everything at once. I was extremely sporadic waiting for the sales you know how I do lol.

Mini Home Office 2

IKEA LINNMON Table top, white ($8.99)

IKEA ADILS Leg, white ($3.50 ea)

IKEA FÅRDRUP Faux sheepskin ($12.99)

IKEA ULLGUMP rug ($19.99)

IKEA STOLJAN Conference chair ($34.99)
SOHO Acrylic Tray ($6.99)

Ubrands  Novelty Magnet Set 116 ea Multi-colored Nate Berkus ($7)

The Board Dudes Framed Cork Board ($8.29)

DecorartDesign fashion art set ($14)

Magazine File Multi-colored ($4.99)

Faux Flowers with vase ($16.99)

Walt Disney Quote Notebook ($4.99)

K Notebook ($2.99)

EPIC BLOG: One-Year Editorial Planner ($15.13)

EPIC DAY: Notepad for Creatives ($12.00)

Brooklyn Wax Company Candle (Gifted)

Paper Mate No.2 Mirado Black Warrior Pencil ($2.59)

Mini Home Office 9


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