I have Prediabetes

31 May, 2015
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prediabetesI posted on Instagram about two weeks ago that my doctor informed me I have Prediabetes. I was in shock because it was a week from my 32 year old birthday. In reality I don’t know how I could be shocked. It’s not like I am eating right all the time. I don’t know what is wrong with me. I have these times where I go hella hard with eating right and working out then I just fall off the wagon. When I fall I take vacations smh. Of course when I try to come back on track I make I’m too busy excuses. Well that is over. I now have a fire lit under my butt

Growing up my mom had diabetes type 2, high blood pressure, and high schlorestoral. Once she lost the weight her health is back on track. Due to my mom already have had these issue she has been a positive supporter to get me back healthy. She calls everyday with positive reinforcements and I’m so grateful. You know sometimes family are the biggest critics and have no filter.

I’ll be sharing my health journey with you because I’m going to kick Prediabetes in the ass. I can’t be in the park playing with my daughter and have a stroke. If you are looking for an acceptability partner email me katie@kurvykatie.com we can motivate each other.



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